Everything you need to know about the Live Tracking user interface.
Including: advanced 3D / pioneering 1st person view


red bull x alps live tracking dashboard 2023

Immerse yourself in the Red Bull X Alps experience like never before with our state-of-the-art live tracking technology.

On the right hand side you'll find the dashboard which offers a quick overview of all important race facts. The first screen directly displays our top 5 pilots and the latest news. Further you see the athlete's status and if flying also the altitude and speed.
In order to see the total ranking, switch to the panel "All" in the red navigation bar.

We have added a new, poineering feature: 3D. Follow the athlete in 3rd or 1st person view!

To get more news, scroll down and follow the link "show more".

Replay the Action

red bull x alps live tracking dashboard 2023

Introducing the Replay feature - an exceptional tool that allows you to rewind and relive the day's action all the way back to 00:00 of any chosen day during the race.

Whether you missed the live events or wish to dissect the thrilling moments, 'Replay the Action' brings the entire journey of the athletes right to your screen. Trace their paths, observe their soaring altitudes and speeds when flying, and gain insights into the strategic decisions made throughout the hike.

'Replay the Action' extends beyond being a simple catch-up tool; it's an analytical powerhouse embedded within our live tracking technology. It grants you the ability to fully understand each athlete's strategy and performance, offering a deep and unique perspective on the race. Whether you're a fan, an analyst, or a potential competitor, our 'Replay the Action' feature adds an enriching dimension to your Red Bull X-Alps experience.

Have a look at the screenshot to preview this exceptional feature for your enjoyment!

Total Ranking

red bull x alps live tracking ranking 2023

If you have a closer look into the pilot listing, you will discover a lot of various information:

  • Pilots with a dark background are currently displayed on the map. Toggle their visibility by clicking on the list item.
  • A yellow label next to a pilot's profile image indicates that they've received a warning, possibly due to reasons like airspace infringements or incorrect turnpoint completion.
  • If a pilot has a red label, it signifies that a penalty has been imposed on them.
  • A pilot marked with a dark blue label has pulled their night pass, thus they're allowed to hike through the night.

The coloured line below the pilot's name indicates the team and track color. Next you'll see the current status of each pilot. Possible states are: Flying, Hiking, Resting and Sleeping. If the pilots are flying and are activated, their speed and altitude is displayed below the glider icon.

More Options

By clicking on the more information icon (three vertical dots) you can get even more features, like centering the athlete on the map or enabling the follow mode. Both options automatically switch the panel to the profile page where you have several more options.
When you select an athlete to follow, the Live Tracking map will center at the position of this athlete and the highlight color in the ranking will differ from the other athletes.
To unfollow either click on "unfollow" on the profile page or move around on the map.

Athlete details

red bull x alps live tracking athlete detail 2

If you center, follow or click on the icon of an athlete in the 2D or 3D map you will get to the athlete details panel.
You can see the current status of the athlete as well as live values like height, speed, etc. ..

The athletes post a lot on their social channels. To stay up to date, we show their latest posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube in their profile.

Did you know that the athletes travel a lot more than the official race distance? No? Have a look at their individual statistics, it's mindblowing!

Turnpoint information

red bull x alps live tracking turnpoint info

The athletes have to pass certain Turnpoints a long the route.
For each Turnpoint, the details including a routefinder are displayed.
You can have a look at the current weather situation as well as a forecast for each Turnpoint provided by Ubimet.


red bull x alps live tracking burger

In the top left corner you can open the setting by clicking the "Three Lines" icon.

At the very top you'll find a quick selection to display the Top 3 and Top 5 athletes. 

If you want to narrow down the results, there is a filter option allowing you to only show the athletes or nations of your choice. 

Click on either "Athletes" or "Nations" and make your selection on the next screen.

Confirm your settings by clicking either "Select athletes to display" or "(x) Nations selected". 

The map will be redrawn and you'll just see nations or athletes you previously selected. 

Change map settings section 2D / 3D

The default map is "Google Maps Satellite". Feel free to try also Google satellite, terrain or road maps - where we added the Red Bull X-Alps style.

Race Information

In this section you can enable or disable various map overlays:
"Route" shows the shortest route, "Turnpoints" will show you the official turnpoints and the goal in Monaco. If you want to explore the path of our athletes you can do this by enabling "Tracks". All of our athletes are actively communicating on social media. To witness their stories in relation to their position simply enable "Blog Posts". Click on the small news icons to read the story.
You can also deactivate the "3D Models".


Following the "Help" link will bring you to this document. The "Home" link will bring you back to the Red Bull X-Alps website.

Map Information

Map Information


The shortest possible route is shown as a red line.



Following the official route our athletes have to correctly pass all turnpoints. Those are displayed as red cylinders with its number. Get detailed information and the turnpoint´s wheater presented by Ubimet by clicking on the icon.

Follow our athletes on the map

Map Information

Follow the Athletes

On the map you will see the athletes you've selected previously or the top 5 pilots by default.

Every athlete is displayed with a different color, so it's easy for you to differentiate our pilots. Different icons show you the current athlete's activity.


Athletes Information

By clicking an athletes icon you will get detailed information (see athlete detail). Among those you'll see links to the last update on social media and his profile page, including all statistics on race day level.

Navigate in 3D

Map Information

Camera Commands 3rd person

Following an athlete on desktop
Rotate view around the object: Left click + drag
Rotate camera: Shift + left click + drag
Zoom view: Right click + drag, or Mouse wheel screll

Following an athlete on mobiles
Rotate view: One finger drag
Zoom view: Two finger pinch


Free mode - desktop
Pan: Left click + Drag
Zoom view: Right click + drag, or Mouse wheel screll
Rotate view: Middle click + drag, or CTRL + Left/Right click + drag

Free mode - mobiles
Pan: One finger drag
Zoom view: Two finger pinch
Tilt view: Two finger drag, same direction
Rotate view: Two finger drag, opposite direction

Map Information

Fullscreen & VR Mode
Hide all panels by going fullscreen.
VR Mode: additional equipment needed

Take place at the pilots seat
Switch between cockpit and alternate views using the icons on the top. 
When switching to the cockpit view, you will hear the sound of the variometer as the athlete gains altitude, just like they do. 

Camera Commands 1st person view

Rotate camera: Shift + left click + drag

Rotate view: One finger drag

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