My experience

We sat down with Toma and talked about his Red Bull X-Alps 2021. He told us about his highlights and stand-out moments and how the race compared to his previous ones.

What was your highlight of the race?
I enjoyed very much the flight on Day 3, when I recovered a lot from a weak day.

What was the toughest part for you?
The toughest part was from Turnpoint 8 Dent d'Oche to after Mont Blanc, where I got really bad weather and strong wind.

What was THE stand-out memory for you?
I have many great memories, it is difficult to choose... I guess the best memories were all the encounters with my fans.

How was this race in comparison to your other Red Bull X-Alps races?
This race had a lot of flying and many challenges. I had to reach many more tough points along the route compared to other races.

Inside my race

Dive into Toma's day-to-day experience through the race news and social media updates to see what it takes to be part of the world's toughest adventure race!

Hiking at 1883m – 278.29 km to finish – 12th place

Resting – 496.52 km to finish – 14th place