Red Bull X-Alps
Red Bull X-Alps

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"There is no comfort zone"

The job description for a Red Bull X-Alps supporter is endless – strategist, psychologist, driver, cook, masseur, social media manager and bag carrier. Two supporters give the lowdown on what it’s really like being part of a team.

Elisabeth Egger performs during Red Bull X-Alps pre-shooting in Kitzbuehel, Austria on June 06, 2023.

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Eli Egger's highs and lows

We speak to Eli Egger to hear of her race experiences, and why she’s having doubts about doing it again. Click below to find out more about the race experience of the first woman to ever make goal and the secret behind her magic move.

Red Bull X-Alps

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Secrets of a race reporter

Tarquin Cooper has been covering the race live and updating these news pages since 2013. He reveals some of the ups and downs of life on the road – and why trying to catch up with athletes in the mountains is a terrible idea.

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