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Route 2021

red bull x alps 2021 route map

Salzburg, Austria

alt text
Salzburg TSG color

Coordinates N47.798873° E13.047720°

Once again, the race starts in Mozartplatz, beside the statue of the city’s most famous resident. Athletes run through the city's historic streets before crossing the Salzach river towards the Gaisberg.

red bull xalps 2021 start salzburg

Gaisberg, Austria

alt text

Coordinates N47.804398° E13.110690°

It’s an 850m ascent and 4.7km run to the top of the Gaisberg, a 1,275m peak overlooking the city. The first athlete is King of the Gaisberg and typically arrives in about an hour. All athletes sign the signboard before taking to the skies.

red bull xalps 2021 turnpoint 1 gaisberg


alt text
Wagrain Kleinarl color

Coordinates N47.274628° E13.318581°

It’s a 60km hike or flight to Kleinarl, part of the picturesque Wagrain-Kleinarl mountain resort. This year the signboard is situated in a football pitch in Kleinarl.

red bull xalps 2021 turnpoint 2 wagrain kleinarl

Kitzbühel Hahnenkamm,

alt text
Kitzbuhel color

Coordinates N47.426461° E12.371147°

The upper section of the legendary Hahnenkamm downhill ski race is the site of this Turnpoint, which is situated near the famous Mausefalle (mousetrap) jump. A signboard means athletes have to land. 

red bull xalps 2021 turnpoint 3 kitzbuehel hahnenkamm

Chiemgau Achental,

alt text
Chiemgau Achental color

Coordinates N47.858077° E12.500269°, radius 3000m N47.767503° E12.457437°, signboard

There are actually two Turnpoints here. Athletes first have to tag a cylinder within a 3km radius of the Chiemsee before landing at a signboard in Marquartstein 10km to the south. This area belongs to the scenic Chiemgau and Achental regions, part of the German Alps.

red bull xalps 2021 turnpoint 4 chiemgau achental

Lermoos -
Tiroler Zugspitz Arena,

alt text
Tiroler Zugspitz Arena Lermoos color

Coordinates N47.401283° E10.879767°

Athletes now head towards Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze, 2,962m, which they have to pass to the north. The Turnpoint is situated on the Austrian side of the mountain, in Lermoos, part of the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena. The Turnpoint is a signboard situated next to a paragliding school, with incredible views of the mountain.

red bull xalps 2021 turnpoint 5 lermoos tiroler zugspitz arena

Säntis, Switzerland

alt text

Coordinates N47.249365° E9.343238°, radius 2000m

The route now goes into Switzerland. This leg is 117km and skirts to the north of the Alps. The peak of Säntis, 2,501m is the highest mountain of the Alpstein massif in north-east Switzerland and is situated to the south of lake Constance (Bodensee). The Turnpoint is a cylinder.

red bull xalps 2021 turnpoint 6 saentis

Fiesch - Aletsch Arena,

alt text
Aletsch color

Coordinates N46.40940° E8.13688°

Fiesch is situated in the Aletsch Arena in Valais, and is home to Europe’s longest glacier, the breathtaking Aletsch, part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. To get here, athletes must cover 130km and cross the high mountains of the Bernese Alps. It’ll either be a spectacular flight – or a soul-crushing hike. Athletes must sign a signboard.

red bull xalps 2021 turnpoint 7 fiesch aletsch arena

Dent D’oche, France

alt text

Coordinates N46.352357° E6.731626

Dent D’Oche is a 2,221m peak in France’s Haute-Savoie on the southern side of lake Geneva. Athletes can follow the Rhone valley for much of the 108km but must then break north to pass the peak in an anticlockwise direction. Athletes have now passed the half-way mark.

red bull xalps 2021 turnpoint 8 dent doche

Mont Blanc, France

alt text

Coordinates N45.830359° E6.867674°

The highest mountain in the western Alps makes another appearance as a Turnpoint in the race. However, in contrast to previous years, athletes do not just tag a cylinder but must pass the peak in an anticlockwise direction, forcing them to cross from France to Italy over one of the highest barriers in the Alps. Expect some difficulties if it’s not flyable.

red bull xalps 2021 turnpoint 9 mont blanc

Piz Palü, Switzerland

alt text

Coordinates N46.378200° E9.958730°, radius 3500m

From Mt Blanc the route opens up. The next Turnpoint is 245km away to the east, giving athletes different options – they can cross back north or take the shorter but possibly riskier direct line through Italy. Expect the field to diverge here. Piz Palü is situated to the south of St Moritz, on the Swiss-Italian border.

red bull xalps 2021 turnpoint 10 piz palue

Kronplatz, Italy

alt text
Kronplatz color

Coordinates N46.737598° E11.954900°

For the second time Kronplatz hosts a Turnpoint. It’s home to the famous Messner Mountain Museum and enjoys one of the most spectacular views of the Dolomites on one side and the main chain of the Alps to the north. It’s a great venue for spectators. Athletes have to land and sign a signboard, adding to the exciting atmosphere.

red bull xalps 2021 turnpoint 11 kronplatz

Schmittenhöhe, Austria

alt text
schmitten logo color

Coordinates N47.328744° E12.737518°

The last and final Turnpoint for those athletes still in the race is this 1,950m peak overlooking Zell am See. It’s just 88km from Kronplatz. From here, there’s just one final glide left.

red bull xalps 2021 turnpoint 12 schmittenhoehe

Zell am See, Austria

alt text
zell am see kaprun logo color

Coordinates N47.325293 E12.801692°

All that remains is a final 5km glide to the landing float, this time situated in the waters of one of Austria’s most famous lakeside resorts. With camping beside the lake, it promises to be the perfect venue to finish the race – and for recovering afterwards.

red bull xalps 2021 finish zell am see

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