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The Prologue: The race before the race

The Prologue is a one-day battle that takes place in the mountains surrounding Wagrain-Kleinarl on Thursday June 17, three days before the main race starts. Athletes have to hike and fly a 30km course around three Turnpoints (Mooskopf, Grafenberg and Hochgründeck). 

The prize for the first three athletes is an additional Night Pass which allows them to hike through the night while the rest of the field is forced to stay where they are. It’s a valuable strategic tool to have in the back pocket. The results also impact the starting order of Day 2. It has a staggered start – the Prologue winner sets off at 5am and athletes follow according to the time they finished behind. So if an athlete crosses the line an hour behind the winner, they set off at 6am on Day 2.

Wagrain-Kleinarl is a beautiful mountain resort 60km to the south of Salzburg. It hosted the Prologue in 2019, but this year the route is different – the start and finish will be in Kleinarl, not Wagrain. For fans and media, it’s the perfect opportunity to see the action unfold up close. 


Sports field - Kleinarl

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N47.273604° E013.317839°

The Prologue starts on the sports ground Kleinarl and is open for public, so you can cheer on the athletes as they charge on for the first Turnpoint: Mooskopf.

red bull xalps 2021 start sportplatz kleinarl

TP 01


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N47.292718° E13.347974°

The first Turnpoint in the Prologue, Mooskopf (1,888m) is a prominent vantage point with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. To reach the peak involves a 900m ascent. Athletes will be hoping to find a westerly wind for a good launch.

From here they fly towards Grafenberg.

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TP 02


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N47.310069° E13.273749°

An idyllic family mountain in the middle of Wagrain-Kleinarl marks the second Turnpoint. Hikers in summer as well as skiers in winter find their fun on this mountain which is covered with gentle alpine meadows. We hope our athletes do so, too!

Grafenberg is easily accessible by cable car (Grafenbergbahn) from Wagrain.

red bull xalps 2021 turnpoint 2 grafenberg

TP 03


alt text

N47.382008° E13.273441°

The Hochgründeck connects several villages in Pongau and there are countless opportunities to climb up this mountain (but no cable car), making it interesting for the Prologue in case of not flyable weather conditions. The plateau on the top of the mountain invites the athletes as well as spectators to enjoy the surrounding landscape.

red bull xalps 2021 turnpoint 3 hochgruendeck


Sports field - Kleinarl

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N47.273604° E13.317839°

The finish of the Prologue equals the start. 

Find out more about the detailed procedures of the Prologue in the official Rules

red bull xalps 2021 finish sportplatz kleinarl

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