Red Bull X-Alps
Red Bull X-Alps

The documentary is out now

The official Red Bull X-Alps documentary is out now! Six months after the race we look back and experience the incredible moments of this year's edition once again. The feature-length documentary makes us relive the world's toughest adventure race - watch it now via the link below!

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Red Bull X-Alps

The hardest hike and fly

The North Faces of the Alps used to be the hardest climbs imaginable. Now a new kind of adventurer is climbing and then flying them. Former Red Bull X-Alps athlete Juraj Koren is one of them.
Image © Juraj Koren

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Red Bull X-Alps

Save 20% on the Blackroll x Red Bull X-Alps Edition

Still looking for the perfect Christmas present for the athlete in your family? Use this opportunity now because with the code "RB_XALPS_20" you can save an extra 20% on all Red Bull X-Alps products in the Blackroll online shop until December 31, 2021, only.
Image © Blackroll

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