RBX19 Documentary out now

The Red Bull X-Alps 2019 documentary is out now!

It's the season of giving and this year we have something extra special for you: The official Red Bull X-Alps documentary is out now! Six months on from the race, we look back and experience once again the incredible moments of the 2019 edition. The feature-length documentary on the race reminds us of some of the golden moments and unique trends from the 2019 edition.

Go and watch the jaw-dropping documentary on our website just in time for the holidays!


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Aaron Durogati (ITA1) races during the Red Bull X-Alps above  Imst, Austria on June 19, 2019.

Featuring: The remarkable race story of Aaron Durogati

Italian athlete Aaron Durogati managed to finish the 2019 race with hiking less than 30km on roads - something many thought was impossible! Relying almost completely on his flying skills he had one of the most remarkable races. He watched everyone race off at the start, waited on top of the Tennengebirge for his moment and then picked off the competitors one by one like a bird of prey.

These moments and many more incredible ones are portrayed in the feature documentary - check it out now!


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