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Maxime Pinot (FRA4) rests during the Red Bull X-Alps in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland  on June 20, 2019.

Get ready for the Red Bull X-Alps documentary!

We have got an early christmas present for you: The official Red Bull X-Alps 2019 documentary airs on December 19 on our YouTube channel! Make sure you don't miss the visually stunning documentary that shows exclusive behind the scenes-moments and offers a glimpse of the athletes' everyday life during the world's toughest adventure race.

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Athletes head east!

As winter closes in on the Alps the Red Bull X-Alps athletes are heading to India for guaranteed flying and big mountain adventure. The region of Himachal Pradesh is famous for its great paragliding spots and big mountains. Past and present athletes like Tom de Dorlodot, Kinga Masztalerz, Markus Anders, Juraj Koren and Evgenii Griaznov have recently visited the area.

Find out more about the adventures they experienced there!


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Adventure of the month

This month the athlete Juraj Koren (SVK) takes us on his adventure to Himachal Pradesh in India also known as the paragliding mecca. It's a journey that involves freezing cold nights and unbelievably hot days which include exhausting hikes but beautiful flights. Juraj experienced happines that was colored by effort and fear but also made outstanding memories to last for a lifetime.

Let Juraj take you on a ride high above the Indian Himalayas!


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