Red Bull X-Alps
Best of take-offs

Patrick von Kaenel (SUI2) performs during the Red Bull X-Alps at Turnpoint 7, Switzerland on July 21, 2019

Red Bull X-Alps 2019: Best of take-offs

Paragliding is THE quintessential element of Red Bull X-Alps. Therefore the take-off is one of the most important steps for the athletes, it can change everything. Equally important are the weather conditions, from rain to snow - the athletes know it all.

Check out the epic take-offs from the 2019 edition!


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Red Bull X-Alps - and then?

Red Bull X-Alps - and then?

After 12 days of strenuous adventure racing across the Alps you'd think that athletes might enjoy a bit of rest. Not a bit of it! For example Chrigel Maurer, who won the 2019 Red Bull X-Alps edition, also came in first at the Red Bull Dolomitenmann.

But he's not the only restless athlete, check out what the other athletes got up to next.


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Best of rest time

Red Bull X-Alps 2019: Best of rest time

Even the best athletes need some rest and recovery time - especially during the world's toughest adventure race! Check out how the athletes recharge their batteries during the race.

From lunch breaks to medical check ups - this is how athletes spend their rest time.


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