Red Bull X-Alps
Red Bull X-Alps

© Harald Tauderer

Rest Rule Change

The Race Committee has announced important changes to the mandatory rest period, the role of the supporter and the introduction of a yellow and red card for reckless behavior. Click below to get all the latest updates on these rule changes!

Red Bull X-Alps

© Daniele Molineris

Expert route analysis

With the new route being revealed we take a deep dive into some of the main talking points of the 2023 route and also talk to athletes to get their first impressions. What do they think of the new start location, the via ferrata section and the loop course? Click below for their answers!

Red Bull X-Alps

© zooom / Vitek Ludvik

Via Ferrata FAQs

Why has a via ferrata section been introduced in the Red Bull X-Alps 2023? What does it mean for athletes? Find out everything you wanted to know about this mandatory mountain adventure in our latest story via the link below!

Red Bull X-Alps

© zooom / Sebastian Marko

Route research begins

There was a time when route research meant spending weeks in the Alps before the race, flying the different legs to understand all the different options. But today, athletes do most of the work online. We spoke to a few to see how they prepare for the world's toughest adventure race.

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