Red Bull X-Alps

The Red Bull X-Alps2017 Route

Red Bull X-Alps 2017 Route Map



StartSalzburg, Austria

Height: 424m
Distance covered: 0
Distance to go:
Key feature:
Where legends are born!


Turnpoint 1Gaisberg, Austria

Height: 1,287m
Distance covered: 5km
Distance to go: 1,133km
Key feature: The fans – 1000s of them!


Turnpoint 2Triglav, Slovenia

Height: 2,864m
Distance covered: 162km
Distance to go: 976km
Key feature: The first Slovenian turnpoint in Red Bull X-Alps history!


Turnpoint 3Aschau – Chiemsee, Germany

Height: 615m
Distance covered: 341km
Distance to go: 797km
Key feature: The 12m summit cross of Kampenwand is the largest in Bavaria.


Turnpoint 4Lermoos Tiroler Zugspitz Arena, Austria

Height: 2,962m
Distance covered: 458km
Distance to go: 680km
Key feature: On the border of Germany and Austria.


Turnpoint 5Monte Baldo, Italy

Height: 2,218m
Distance covered: 639km
Distance to go: 499km
Key feature: The 40km long ridge running parallel to Lake Garda. 


Turnpoint 6Matterhorn, Switzerland

Height: 4,478m
Distance covered: 888km
Distance to go: 250km
Key feature: The key strategic point in the race - the make it or break it moment. 


Turnpoint 7Peille, France

Height: 600m
Distance covered: 1,136km
Distance to go: 2km
Key feature: This is where the timer stops. 



Height: 0m
Distance covered: 1,138km
Distance to go: 0km
Key feature: It's finally time to relax, go for a swim and celebrate the athletes' extraordinary achievement.