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The one-day Leatherman Prologue race took place in Fuschl am See June 29, with athletes competing in a tough hike and fly race around the mountains made famous in the movie, The Sound of Music. 

Athletes will start racing at 10:00am in Fuschl am See.

  • Start: Fuschl am See, Strandbad
  • Turnpoint 1: Zwölferhorn
  • Finish: Fuschl am See

Due to weather conditions, Turnpoint 2, the Schafsberg, was cancelled and flying was not allowed, making the Leatherman Prologue a true test of endurance and speed.

The top three finishers each won an additional Ledlenser Night Pass, allowing them to race through the mandatory rest period. On day two of the main race, the usual 5:00am start was delayed for each athlete by the time in which they finished the Leatherman Prologue race behind the prologue winner.     

In 2017, the Prologue was won by Aaron Durogati (ITA1) and Sebastian Huber (GER1), who crossed the finish line together after 1h55m with French rookie Benoit Outters (FRA4) coming in 3rd in just under two hours.

RBC 170629 HZ XAlps 2010
FRA4 170629 HZ XAlps 2048
RBC 170629 HZ XAlps 2053