Red Bull X-Alps


Red Bull X-Alps is the world's toughest adventure race

Red Bull X-Alps is widely recognized as the world’s toughest adventure race – and for good reason. Every two years, over 30 international athletes flock to Austria, for a grueling hike and fly race across the Alps. Traveling only by foot and paraglider, competitors must navigate more than 1000km of mountainous terrain through Europe’s largest mountain range. Many will concede defeat, but a select few will push themselves to their outer-most limits in a bid to take the title.

Along the way, the athletes will journey through several different countries and check in at a series of turnpoints which will be announced on March 13, 2019. Each race is entirely unique; but it’s not just the route that changes. With every edition comes a fresh mix of seasoned pros and talented newcomers. In the past, these varied line-ups have seen race rookies such as Benoît Outters hold their own against the likes of veteran athlete Toma Coconea and reigning champion Chrigel Maurer.

Red Bull X-Alps really is a true test of the body and mind. The physical aspects, such as endurance hiking and trail running, will require the athletes to display strength, courage and unprecedented determination. The mental challenge however comes down to the competitor’s race strategy and paragliding skills. Before taking to the air, they must first assess the ever-changing whether conditions and decide where and when to take off. This is what makes the race so difficult to predict.   

A preliminary one-day Prologue Race on June 13, 2019, will give fans their only indication of which athletes might make it to Monaco. The top three finishers will earn themselves an additional Night Pass to travel through the mandatory rest period. The overall rankings will also determine each athlete’s start time on day two of the main event.

The ninth edition of Red Bull X-Alps is set to kick off on June 16, 2019. There’s still no telling what will happen, but you can certainly expect groundbreaking feats of endurance, incredible flights and intense strategic plays from all of the athletes. Think you have what it takes? Online applications are open now until August 31, 2018 and the official athlete line-up will be announced on October 16, 2018.  

For those at home, you can follow the action in real time at Here, from June 16, 2019, you’ll be able to monitor every step of the race through our interactive live-tracking feature. Hold tight, it’s going to be a thrilling adventure!