Here's the latest regional forecast from Ubimet.

General conditions:

Mainly sunny and stable conditions throughout the rest of the day, cumulus clouds will mostly remain small and harmless. Risk of a thundery shower over the mountains in the late afternoon only approx. 10%.

Max. Temperatures:

3000m AMSL: 6°C; 2000m AMSL: 15°C; 1000m AMSL: 23°C; Valleys (~600-800m AMSL): 26°C

Wind conditions:

3000m AMSL: gusts up to 30kph from S/SW; 2000m AMSL: gusts up to 25kph from E; 1000m AMSL: mainly diurnal mountain wind systems, hence daytime upvalley flow; Valleys (~600-800m AMSL): mainly diurnal mountain wind systems, hence daytime upvalley flow 

Conditions for thermal lift:

Good thermal conditions today especially along the southern orientated slopes due to strong solar radiation and the lack of strong winds in the free atmosphere.

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