Weather forecast

This morning’s weather forecast from Ubimet :

The alpine region lies between an approaching high pressure ridge to the west and a low pressure area over Eastern Europe today. The consequence is a weak-to-moderate northerly flow at all levels. The day will start mostly dry with some low and middle level clouds especially around TP12. During the morning the first thermals will gradually develop thanks to decent solar radiation (especially around TP10 and 11) and will soon produce the first Cu clouds.

Max. Temperatures: (from northeast to southwest)
3000 m AMSL: 1-6°C
2000 m AMSL: 7-13°C
1000 m AMSL: 17-24°C
Valleys (~400-800 m AMSL): 20-29°C

Wind conditions: Weak to moderate northerly flow
3000 m AMSL: mostly 10 - 15 kt from N-NW, up to 20 or 25 kt at times around TP 12 (gusts up to 30 kt possible)
2000 m AMSL: 5 - 10 kt mainly from N-NW
1000 m AMSL: mostly 5 kt from northerly directions north of the main crest, weak in the southern Alps. In some valleys between South and East Tyrol gusty northerly föhn winds up to 20 or 25 kt (max. gusts).

Conditions for thermal lift: poor conditions around TP 12 (often cloudy and later on showery, windy), better conditions around TP 11 and 10 with some more sunshine available and cumulus clouds building up.


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