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We caught up with seven vets to find out how they’re feeling 2 weeks ahead of another edition of Red Bull X-Alps.

Christian Maurer (SUI1) hikes during the Red Bull X-Alps at Pass Tende, Italy on July 12, 2017.

With just days now until the start of the Red Bull X-Alps, you can imagine these are hectic times for athletes making their final preparations. But we managed to catch up with seven vets to find out how they’re feeling ahead of another edition. 


The Neynens clan will be rocking up at the last minute again so mental preparation is about all I have –  I've been into neuroscience, history and psychology, besides meteorology. I like to think I'm pretty relaxed about it but the truth is, the Red Bull X-Alps gets into you, and there's not much you can do about it! The team is rearing to go, Mum has organised some muesli bars and there's even rumours of another brother joining the ranks – he must think it's some kind of holiday. Tactics are to keep the wing safe, not fall off the bike too much, and arrive fresh for the race. 

Message to fans:
Gday to all the Kiwis over the ditch, I hope the Red Bull X-Alps weather is a bit better than what we've seen in the South Island lately! 



I'm positive for what will come next, my previous experience gives me confidence and this is helping me mentally. I can not wait to start! My team remains the same, they have accumulated experience in previous editions and have learnt every time. We are trying to be the most effective. There are many things to take into account, making plans for different weather situations. We will see! 

Message to fans: 
Abia astept sa luam STARTUL pe 16 iunie, asa cum am spus intotdeauna: cursa nu este doar a mea este si a voastra, cu cat o sa ma incurajati mai mult cu atat voi fi mai motivat si energic. Urmariti-ma pe Facebook si pe Live-tracking RedBull X-Alps in timpul cursei pentru a o trai impreuna.



I checked the route on Google Earth and maps to know what I will find in the 2019 race. I also watch pictures and videos of the previous editions to remember how it was. We check different options, prepare our material we think to need and learn new strategies. Another challenge will be to cross the Alps in deep snow. We also did some training with all the Swiss team together. This was good motivation and the know-how transfer was efficient! We had a good time and lot of fun!

Message to Fans: 
We look forward to the next adventure race, to get new experience and have a good time out in the nature. We know you all think that the race is no problem for us, but it is a new one with a lot of tricky parts, double the number of turnpoints and crossing the Alps in the snow. I don’t think about having a fast race, I think about an adventure to manage. To be able to have a swim in the Mediterranean Sea is the most important experience for me!



The work is focused on the projection in the race and the preparation to suffer. Walking so much is a pain that must be prepared. If we are ready in the head we have less pain! The material is collected and tested again to be sure of everything. It takes a lot of work to make sure there are no mistakes. We have been working for several months on tactics! Now it is necessary to go and check on the ground to see how our plans meet reality. 

Message to fans: 
Continuez à nous encourager et nous suivre, les messages de soutient sont bienvenu ça aide!



Up until a month ago it was going really well. Meditating daily, getting plenty of sleep,  a huge year of flying was keeping the mind in a great zone. As this is our third race it hasn’t seemed nearly as intense, and my new air support guru Reavis Sutphin-Gray is proving to be a technology wizard and an incredible asset. All our lists from 2015 and 2017 have been refined and we seem to be a lot more efficient, and the physical training as always has been intense but also a ton of fun. We all know our roles and the work is being done diligently so we’re not stressed out. To put it simply – I feel like I’m in very good hands. Our tactical preparation? Less weight. Faster packing. Fly well. Slow down when necessary. 

Message to fans: 
Thank you for hooping and hollering and cheering Team USA1 on through this most awesome race!  We hope we make you proud.



I always have a strong sense of self-confidence. The preparations are going very well and this time, we will do well with more support than the last competition. The goal is to complete the race again this time. I will do my best to fly well because of the difficult course.

Message to fans: 
안녕하세요 하치경입니다 이번에도 많은 응원과 관심을 주셔서 너무감사드리며 무사히 그리고 무엇보다 안전하게 완주하도록 최선을 다하겠습니다.엑스알프스에 출전한 모든 선수들이 무사히 대회를 끝낼수 있도록 많은응원부탁드립니다.팀 코리아 파이팅!



Really I don’t have a mental preparation, only every day during my trainings I picture myself being relaxed and concentrated during the race, flying safe and staying very positive. There are many tasks – feeding, navigation, preparation of the route, and we study the route with Alpine pilots. The principal estrategy is follow to the best pilots, hahahaha! 

Message to fans: 
Mi meta es terminar la carera, disfrutarla y aprender de los mejores atletas y pilotos del mundo que estan compitiendo aqui. Gracias a todos por la buena energia que me envian, trataremos de hacer lo mejor y dar lo maximo.



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