USA2-facebook-27062019 : Timeline Photos

Resting – 413.02 km to finish – 22nd place

After 10 days of racing, I finally made the mistake of flying through one of the many Swiss airspaces. The penalty will presumably put me in 26th place at the finish of the race (noon today, day 11). Much worse things could happen. This whole experience has been a raging success and I will always have these once in a lifetime memories and lessons with me. This was my first time flying in the Alps, and I wouldn't have wanted it to happen any other way. I'm so lucky to have met so many inspiring and respectable pilots and supporters along the way. This is a photo of @curransky who has been the best team mate I could ask for on such an intense, challenging, and hilarious adventure. Thanks #redbullxalps for letting me play in your game. And thanks everyone for the support.

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