USA2-facebook-12072019 : Photos from Cannell/Curran USA X-Alps's post

The darkest period of the race for me was Day 6 and 7. I had signed the Lermoos turnpoint and was headed up the Engadin Valley toward Davos. After considering the rainy forecast and my placing with the others just ahead of me I decided to use my night pass, but only a few hours after I declared my night pass I developed extremely painful cramps in my left shin that made it impossible to go faster than a pathetic limp. The next day it was raining hard so the only thing to do was walk, and it was so painful that I was scared I would have to drop out of the race. That was the scariest moment of the race. Fortunately with the help of NSAIDs and painkillers, encouragement from Rob, an electrolyte infusion from Manuel the race medic, and more rest time than I was happy about, I was able to slowly heal over the next days.


The only thing to do was carry on and hope I wasn't making it worse. It was painful until the end of the race and slowed me down hugely, but it made the time in the air even sweeter. It also made me realize how happy I was to just be in the race to the very end, regardless of the pain, the disadvantages, and the penalty at the end...


OH YEA... did I mention my vario and my phone broke in the rain. So for 2 days I raced the x alps without a phone (navigation tool), having never been in the Alps before! It actually felt really cool bc I knew I had it, regardless of all the darkness.


Interesting how the hardest moments can become the most cherished.

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