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T-Minus 28 days until the race and in a few minutes I get on a jet plane with my beautiful girls for 3+ months in the Alps....and that wee little event the Red Bull X-Alps:) I'm seeing a lot of pretty unnerving photos of a TON of snow, there is talk of massive floods, cold, more rain, more snow. It's going to be interesting! Here's a couple photos of the stuff I'm hauling over. Pretty incredible that wing, harness, backpack and reserve all up are 5.5 KG, and yet I'll need well over a hundred pounds of gear to make it all happen.


Here's the list: PIC 1:

A whole lotta Patagonia down- micro, fleece, vest, etc.

10 pairs of Salewa shoes. I'm worried I don't have enough! Light weight shorts, 25++ pairs of socks, super light weight underwear, several light weight sun hats

Platypus + backup Trekking poles + backup + a bunch of spare tips

Bluetooth headset for in the air calls

Powertraveller external batteries and solar panel

TONS of spare cables for charging

InReach Mini + back up

3 pairs Truckgloves

Radio (will not use in the race, but will with Reavis and Ben for training)

Light weight sleeping bag Speedsleeves


PIC 2:

Two Wings (Peak 4 for back up, Zeolite for main)

TONS of Onnit supplements- electrolytes, protein bars (best on Earth), Total Human, Mitrochondria, Joint Oil, MCT Oil, Alpha Brain, Glucosamine, Vitamin D, Warrior bars... @VeVespa, Optimized Fat metabolism (OFM) (secret sauce)

CRIK Nutrition - Cricket Protein Powder, Helmet, goggles, sunglasses + spare, Magnesium sticks, bee pollen, First Aid kit, Condom catheters (overshare?), Sun Block

Applications close in

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