USA1-facebook-16072019 : 2019 Red Bull X-Alps Highlights

It's been two weeks since the end of the Red Bull X-Alps. The days after the race are in some ways the hardest of the entire campaign for me. Suddenly- and I mean really, really suddenly there is a massive hole the race leaves in its wake that is impossible to fill. About day three post-race the exhaustion really hits and all you can do is just sleep and eat, but a couple days later you start to feel fine. A day or two after that you begin looking at the sky a lot again. You miss your paraglider, you miss your team, you miss the support they give you and the clear direction and goal you've had for nearly a year. I've been interviewing a bunch of the athletes for the Cloudbase Mayhem podcast and I'm not alone. Some are already training. Others have big goals to keep them distracted. Others went right back to work. I've done very little other than play with my girls and think about the race. I put together this little highlight film to share a little bit about what it's all about, and some of the insane things we see along the way. I hope you like it.


There are too many people to thank, but for the footage I need to thank Vítek Ludvík, Honza Zak, Federico Modica, TOBIFLY, Reavis Sutphin-Gray and Ben Abruzzo


So, SO much gratitude for these people and companies: Tony Lang, Foundation For Free Flight, Patagonia, Garmin Outdoor, Onnit, Salewa, Vespa, Optimized Fat metabolism (OFM), Zenergy Health Club, Spa and Boutique, Munch Machine, Smith, OZONE Paragliders Niviuk Paragliders and all of you who supported the US Paragliding Team


And ALL of you who watched, sent messages and cheered us on. Team USA 1 thanks each and every one of you. Thank you. Bruce Marks, this one's for you buddy.

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