USA1-facebook-14062019 : Photos from Gavin McClurg's post

@redbullxalps Prologue today! A bit hot, really steep, 1:05 w my HR above 180 bpm. Don’t try this at home????! My supporter Fallon crushed it. Super super exciting to be finally doing this! Felt strong, 9th position to the top where the clock stopped as wind forecast was a bit too nukey. Nice flight down, great crowd in this amazing village of @wagrainkleinarl which is the second turnpoint in the race.


Thanks so much to my amazing sponsors for supporting Team USA 1 for our 3rd edition of the greatest game on Earth!












And massive thanks to my incredible team, man they are ON IT! @reavis_soars @snowgoat01 @sfkite @ Wagrain, Salzburg, Austria

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