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Team USA 1 Red Bull X-Alps update. This past week was incredible. After a week++ of marginal weather and only short flying windows down through the Maritimes we were joined by my trusted physical crusher Ben Abruzzo back in Annecy, spent some more time dialing in the F Race harness and headed towards Engleberg and the Titlis Turnpoint with a solid weather forecast. We got a decent day in the air to the North of the Mont Blanc massif to learn some of the tricky airspace (with the amount of snow, even more stunning than usual!), then got a wicked day attempting to get high enough to top land Titlis and figuring out how to exit with so much snow (snow level is 1900 meters, turn point is over 3,000)- this is a serious crux on the course! Then the next day, the day Chrigel Maurer set the new world FAI record (holy hell!) Reavis Sutphin-Gray and I launched above Andermatt and flew directly into the Titlis turn point to get a solid look, then turned east and few a north line I've wanted to scout all the way past the Davos TP and over a VERY snowy, DEEP snowy pass towards Landeck. And then if that wasn't good enough, Monday got even better, at least for 8 hours of near perfect STRONG flying with perfect cloud support until the sky went ballistic on both sides of the Alps and cut our triangle attempt short but we got to see another huge, huge section of the course and now have nearly all of the western half of the course scouted. Four epic days of flying, lots of great recon, lots and lots of sections of the course that are now confirmed going to be super super tough if the flying isn't decent. The theme of this X-Alps is going to be SNOW.


Had to take a break yesterday to catch up on logistics and sleep. Visited in Innsbruck to get my wing stickers and get my Peak 4 trimmed (back up glider for the race as I'm flying the OZONE Paragliders Zeolite- which is truly an amazing wing), then all the way back to Zurich to visit Tom Payne, who competed in 2009 and supported Jon Chambers in 2011 and 2013 to get his thoughts on the route. Now back east to scout the Kronplatz, Aschua and finally get settled into #Wagrain for the pre-race week and Prologue.


11 days left!


Follow our efforts on Instagram: @gavinmcclurg @reavis_soars and @snowgoat1 and @sfkite


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