Understanding Time Penalties at the End of the Race

Find out how the athletes were effected.

Nelson de Freyman (FRA3) is the latest athlete to be caught by an airspace infringement penalty. Race Director Christoph Weber said that de Freyman hit airspace around Ivrea, near Turin, yesterday at 2.30pm. The cost for de Freyman is a 48-hour time penalty.

But how do the 48-hour time penalties work when there is less than 48 hours to go?

Tobias Grossrubatscher (ITA2) and Stanislav Mayer (CZE) were given their 48-hour penalties yesterday for airspace infringements made yesterday. Their penalties started today at 5am. When the clock stops at 10.53am, they will have served 5h 53mins of their 48-hour time penalty. They will still have 42hr 7mins to serve.

When the race stops their final rankings will be determined by where they were on the race 42hr 7mins ago. That is, somewhere around Wednesday lunchtime. 

Nelson de Freyman however was handed his time penalty this morning. That means his time penalty does not start until 5am tomorrow. There is no race tomorrow, so therefore his final ranking is determined by back-tracking the full 48 hours.

©zooom / Honza Zak

©zooom / Vitek Ludvik

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