Three athletes pull their Night Passes

KOR, NZL2 and FRA1 will all go through the night

Three athletes have pulled their Night Passes and will use them to hike through the night tonight. They will be allowed to hike while all the other athletes must rest between 22:30-05:00.

Towards the back of the race Kinga Masztalerz (NZL2) is currently in 27th position and hiking towards Turnpoint 6 Davos today. She is safe from the next elimination, which happens tomorrow at 6am, but will want to increase her safety margin.

However, things don’t look good for Chikyong Ha (KOR) who is currently in 30th position and last. He is suffering from problems with his feet and is in pain, but looks determined to give the race his all. 

Ha will try to leapfrog Alex Villa (COL) overnight. Villa is currently about 12km ahead of Ha.

Meanwhile, in a determined push towards the race for podium places, Benoit Outters (FRA1) has pulled his second Night Pass of the race. He won an extra Night Pass for coming joint first in the Prologue in Wagrain – and then used his first Night Pass on the first night of the race.

Now, he will be hoping to push hard into France, where he will expect to meet better weather and be able to fly tomorrow. 

With no sign-in signboards at the Turnpoints in France until the one at Turnpoint 13 in Peille, near Monaco, Outters will want to use his local knowledge to fly through the southern French Alps quickly. 

Follow the three athletes overnight on Live Tracking!

Photos © zooom / Vitek Ludvik, Sebastian Marko, Harald Tauderer

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