These social feeds will make you want to fly

Whether you're getting ready for some late summer, early autumn flying or about to head down south to fly into the eternal summer, here are seven feeds you definitely need to follow!

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Want to start your day with a dose of Red Bull X-Alps inspiration? You could do worse than check into the feeds of these seven athletes. They're flying epic places, training harder than ever and explaining the race for fans. You may need to rest after watching…

Gavin McClurg // <link http: gavinmcclurg>Instagram // <link http: _blank>Website

Why: Gavin’s podcasts with fellow pilots on his website have become essential listening for paragliding fans, whether it’s Nick Neynens talking about the art of the vol-biv or Tom Payne sharing a particularly close close-call. But it’s Gavin’s own adventures that never fail to awe and inspire.

Check this <link https: p bunqijhf5br _blank>post:
Check out this teaser of his "North of Known" Project. That's pure paragliding bucket list right there!  

Tom de Dorlodot // <link http: tomdedorlodot>Instagram & <link https: searchprojects _blank>SEARCH Project
Why: Tom leads a truly nomadic lifestyle, always travelling the world in search of epic places to fly. Both his personal and Search Project feeds provide a stream of glorious vistas and inspiring images that will leave you yearning to fly.

Check this <link https: p bq-1az5jefo _blank>post:
You know what they say about teaching a man how to fish...

Nick Neynens // <link https: _blank>Website

Why: For Red Bull X-Alps fans, there are few blogs as informative and interesting as Nick’s. He’s always sharing his knowledge and experience, and it always comes Kiwi style – straight up and to the point, while his videos are always inspiring.

Check this <link https: rbx17-episode-6-garda _blank>post:
Nick relives the Red Bull X-Alps, in this episode showing you his flights over the Dolomites and around the Italian lakes.

Aaron Durogati // <link http: aarondurogati _blank>Instagram

Why: It’s safe to say one thing about Aaron’s Instagram feed – it’s never dull! From flying in the Dolomites to launching from a helicopter; from skiing North Faces to speed flying, he’s always up to something.  

Check this <link https: aarondurogati videos _blank>post: Watch this video of serene skies above Manali in India, where flights above 6000m are more regular than rare.

Chrigel Maurer // <link https: teamchrigelmaurer>Facebook

Why: If Chrigel’s goal is to intimidate and inspire his fellow pilots, his social feed is doing a good job. He’s recently been doing a lot of Facebook Lives, showing him always training, both on the ground and in the air.

Check this <link https: chrigel.maurer1 posts _blank>post: Watch this video of Chrigel running in the snow. There’s a reason he’s champion and it’s not just due to his flying prowess.

Paul Guschlbauer // <link https: paulguschlbauer _blank>Instagram
Why: Paul is not just as a paraglider pilot, but a fixed wing pilot, skier, mountain biker and all-round athlete. His filming’s pretty impressive too…

Check this post: This <link https: p brz2h7mgxtz _blank>teaser from Paul’s four months in Alaska is pure flying porn.

Antoine Girard // <link https: antoine.girard.5621 _blank>Facebook

Why: He was this year nominated as a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year. Looking at his feed, you’ll understand why.

Check this <link https: antoine.girard.5621 posts _blank>post: Flying above Trango Towers. It doesn’t get much more epic than this!

Photo by © zooom / Sebastian Marko

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