The perfect image

How the Red Bull X-Alps photographers bring all the action right to your desktop

The Red Bull X-Alps is a story of extraordinary human endurance, determination and suffering, set against some of the most dramatic landscapes on Earth. But without the photographers who work behind the scenes few would get to witness this amazing spectacle.
Red Bull X-Alps photographers Harald Tauderer, Vitek Ludvik, Honza Zak, Sebastian Marko and Felix Wolk work around the clock to track down the athletes and capture their most dramatic moments. They have to put up with the same bad weather and battle through the same exhausting climbs – often while carrying up to 30kg of camera equipment.
So what makes the perfect Red Bull X-Alps shot. ‘Drama,’ says Red Bull X-Alps photography coordinator Christian Lorenz. ‘It’s great to see the athletes’ faces, to see their exhaustion and determination. And the landscapes, too, with the athletes flying high through them.’
‘The best images often feature classical composition. Imagine the image divided into thirds. Ideally, the object of focus should sit where one of the horizontal and one of the vertical lines intersect.’
And what challenges do the photographers face to bring you these pictures? ‘Getting to the athletes is one of the biggest issues,’ Christian adds. ‘Not only locating them, but also keeping up with them. They have to be fit and flexible. And then they have to appreciate that the athletes will be tired and focused on the task ahead. They must ask them for permission and try not to stress and interrupt them.’
Photographers, we salute you! 

Photos © Harald Tauderer, Honza Zak

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