The lightest partner of Red Bull X-Alps 2019

The world leader in Paragliding fabric Porcher Sport to be an official partner of Red Bull X-Alps 2019.

Athletes fly during the Red Bull X-Alps at the Timmelsjoch, Austria on July 6, 2017.

Red Bull X-Alps is happy to announce the lightest partner for the 2019 edition of the race: French manufacturer of technical textiles and fabrics for aerial and nautical sports, Porcher Sport.

Porcher Sport's technicity and inventivity in the manufacturing of safe and durable ultra-light technical textiles stems from its unique mix of traditional know-how, disruptive processes and cutting-edge technologies.

Whether in the air or on water, Porcher Sport guarantees pleasure, high technology and safety, which is why it's the world leader in high performance lightweight fabrics. Thanks to its acclaimed expertise and its unique craftmanship, Porcher Sport supplies 70% of the world’s market for paraglider fabric under the trademark SKYTEX TM.



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