SVK-facebook-10062019 : Photos from Juraj Koreň-Ďurifuk X-Alps 2019 team SVK's post

V nedeľu sme si odkrútili papierovačky, poistky, kontrolu vybavenia a váhy, vyviezli sa na kopec a zrobili aj photoshooting. Kubo nabral fotografa aj na tandem, takže máme bonusové vzdušné zábery. Keďže to chodilo, vybral som sa smer aschau, kým ma nezastavila deka po 65km. 6 dni do štartu!

#skoda #julbo #garminSk #CATslovensko #vamdavakridla


Sunday was full of paperwork, equipment checking, then photoshooting with old friend Vitek Ludvik Photography . After all of it, few hours and thermals were still left in air so i use it for 65kms towards aschau as training...6 day to go!

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