Shooting the Red Bull X-Alps – Episode 1: Harald Tauderer

In this series official Red Bull X-Alps photographers give us their unfiltered behind the scenes insights of the world's toughest adventure race.

Shooting the Red Bull X-Alps sounds like the dream assignment. In the first of a new series we talk to the photographers to find out what it’s really like. This week Harald Tauderer, who’s been covering the race since 2009, explains what brings him back every edition. 

How has the race changed over the years? 
Athletes are now much more experienced; they put more time into the preparation phase. The first time I saw the race it was more of an adventure for the guys. Nowadays it is about the time or making the top five, or reaching Monaco. They are really fighting for the minutes in this race.

What was it like at the beginning?
The first editions I did alone, driving after athletes, hiking, taking pictures, processing them on the spot, sending them out, getting something to eat and finally some sleep. It’s too much! In the last two editions I brought my dad as my ground support. He does the driving, makes dinner and takes care of other little things. That really helps a lot! It also means we get to enjoy some fun father and son time. 

What does it take to get the perfect shot? 
After six editions I would say I got a little experience of how to get the shots I want. Back in the day I used to just run after athletes overtaking, taking a shot running past them, taking a shot. Many of the athletes have participated also for a long time and so we have became friends and I really can enjoy the time being in the Alps with them! This means I can hike with them, talk to them and so they are happy when I call them and give me the best information about the weather, where’s the nice scenery, where to get the shot. So they are helping me get to capture the special moments. The quality of the pictures really profits from this relationship! 

Any special moments that stand out over the years? 
I really enjoy the little moments. Fans along the road who offer a bed, meal or a shower, special moments like the light or animals I would never see if I wasn’t with a Red Bull X-Alps team.

What about from 2019? 
Maxime Pinot’s take-off from Titlis. It was very steep with a big drop – very serious. And there was this snowstorm and fog coming in and out. This was a moment where I got goosebumps and crossed my fingers for him.

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