Shooting a Hike & Fly Adventure with Vitek Ludvik

Always wanted to know how to cover a hike & fly adventure? Red Bull X-Alps photographer Vitek Ludvik has some good tips for you...

"As a hike & fly photographer, it's important to choose a good wing as when you're shooting, you don't always have the time to just focus on the flying," says Vitek.

"I choose wings based on weight and usability. Right now, I use a wing that's light, because I have to carry it up the mountain and easy to fly, so I can fully concentrate on taking photos."

"The good thing about my harness is that you can use it to carry your glider. It turns inside out and turns into sort-of-a backpack."

"I had a lot of fun during the shoot. I hope Aaron likes the results. What was nice today is that I got to do the full hike & fly mission together with him. At the end, we made some really nice shots, so I'm looking forward to work on them."

To see more of Vitek Ludvik's work, check out his <link _blank>website</link>.

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