Rookie Review

23 days ahead of the Prologue we checked the status of those new to the madness.

There’s just over three weeks to go until the start gun fires. In between flying, hiking and frantically prepping their route plans, we asked as many rookies as we could find how they’re feeling ahead of the race.



After hard trainings alone and with the team, it’s now the time to recover so I will be ready. We have been working as a team together with Thomas Theurillat [Chrigel Maurer’s supporter 2009-2015] and now we have to put all the different pieces together. The route is very difficult and long, so at the beginning we will try to spare our bodies. We will also try to use our strength – flying – as often as possible.

Message to fans? 
Die Vorbereitungen neigen sich bald dem Ende zu und die Vorfreude auf das Abenteuer Red Bull X-Alps wird stets im ganzen Team größer.



The preparation for me in my head is already done. I had to fight for a long time with myself to find the right way in my brain to get confident with everything that’s coming. It's a hard route to manage – there are a lot of parts to think about so everything is new for me as a Rookie.

My tactical preparation is to spend a lot of time on the computer on Google Earth to find the right route. For me sometimes it's easier to fly in new spots that I have never seen before because then I'm completely free in my brain to judge the conditions on what they are at that moment. 

Message to fans?
Hier möchte ich Danke sagen an alle die mich unterstützen in welchem Bereich auch immer, ohne euch wäre dieses Event nicht möglich. Ganz speziell mein Supporter Team. 1000 Dank an euch alle. 



I’m generally making progress and feeling good about surviving the race. I’m always dealing with aches and pains, but that is normal when asking so much from your body. Recently I got back from flying 300km in Nevada. The strong desert conditions are great for making sure I am ready for any bad conditions I might face in the Alps.

Message to fans?
We want to thank all of those that supported us. Your donations were very much appreciated. We can't wait to get to Salzburg and give it our best.



My body feels better than it ever has. It's hard to believe there's only about a month of hard training left before the race! If I can manage a few more 6+ hour flights this spring, I believe that will prepare me mentally more than anything else. Our objective is to prepare for the most simple system possible. Simplicity is really important to me. I’m also spending a lot of time with maps. I've never flown in the Alps, so my tactics will be very exploratory.



The preparation is going great but the rain is making it difficult! We are motivated. I’ve been training here in Europe since the end of April to see every Turnpoint.



I feel strong and ready. I’ve learned a lot about my body during the last months and I'm excited to go beyond some of its limits during the race. I know exactly what mindset I want to be in and it all seems simple – theoretically! However during the race I expect the mind game, stress, pressure and fatigue to be the toughest and most interesting parts of the journey. My team is a few friends and the most important thing is that we all have fun, learn a lot on the way and stay friends after the race! 

Mesage to fans?
Oh, the places we'll go! 



My body is getting used to all the walking with the backpack. I feel ready! I try to focus on having fun. We will travel on the route as fast as possible, if we are faster then others that’s just a bonus. The team is ready. Hans from Iceland and I, agreed on being a team before applying. We have been traveling and competing together for many years. So we know each other very well. The main things for me are food and airspace! Keep fuel in the engine, and don’t fly into airspace. 

Message to fans?
Send masser af positive tanker mod os!!, så giver jeg en Øl I Monaco.



I’ve really made progress. This month is the final body warm-up for the race, mostly being able to consume 6,000 calories! You need to train this as well. I spend all the days in long walks, climbs and a bit of flying. Patience is one of the attributes of a good pilot. For me long walks (12h) are a way to practice my patience. Knowing yourself is also important. I cant say that we have some special tactics, especialy as I am a Rookie. We'll use all the things that can help to gain advantage wherever we can.

Message to fans? 
Spremni smo! 



It is going really well. No injury, good shape. Thousands of km of xc skiing this winter was a super good endurance base for spring. April was again more about hike & fly, trail running and vertical training, with 400km on foot and 31,000 meters up overall! Mental preparation is more about having everything that can be under our control ready, to be relaxed. The idea is to prepare for whatever can be prepared. That means a lot of time to create a kind of ‘roadbook’, thinking about all the possible options, having a clear idea of the airspaces. That’s the big part. What will happen during the race is a mystery, and that’s the exciting part. Everybody is super motivated.

Message to fans? 
Soyez forts! 



Fitness-wise it has been like having a second job, but it is worth it - I’m in the best shape of my life. I just finished a race simulation with no lingering pain or injuries, so good to go! Even though these types of races are uber competitive, the real challenge comes from within. How much can you push yourself day after day? Will you be able to overcome the inevitable mistakes and learn from them? Will you have fun nevertheless? Answering these and many other questions on long hikes or when alone in the mountains has helped me put things in perspective, and reduce any anxiety or stress. The route in the air and on the ground has been analyzed thoroughly. There are still some areas that we need to explore, but we'll do that on our scouting trip.

Message to fans? 
Hola! Faltan solamente 3 semanas para la carrera pero ya estamos listos. Nos vamos a Europa a seguir la preparacion, asi es que siganos por Facebook o Instagram!


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