Red Bull X-Alps 2017 - That was Day 8

With Red Bull X-Alps 2019 around the corner you might already want to get yourself into race mode. No worries, we've got you!

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Relive every step in our recap of the greatest moments; from intense battles and mesmerizing live footage to the athlete’s unique insights. This was Day 8 of Red Bull X-Alps 2017!

Day 8 of the race started with bad news, as Gaspard Petiot landed roughly and breaking his wrist, forcing him to quit. 

"My first thought was get up and continue, but few seconds later …“

As his injury was not the only one during the 2017 edition race reporter Tarquin Cooper sat down with Race Director Christoph Weber and Safety Director Jürgen Wietrzyk to talk about all things safety in the Red Bull X-Alps.

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With Petiot withdrawing from the race, another frenchman took second place, challenging Chrigel Maurer on his way to Monaco: rookie Benoit Outters.

The rankings after Day 8:

1. Chrigel Maurer
2. Benoit Outters
3. Paul Guschlbauer
4. Manuel Nübel
5. Stanislav Mayer
6. Sebastian Huber
7. Ferdy van Schelven
8. Simon Oberrauner
9. Pal Takats
10. Pascal Purin

Did you witness the action live on Day 8? Leave us a comment under the video if so! If not, this was Day 8 of Red Bull X-Alps 2017:

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For further videos of Red Bull X-Alps and the recent Athletes Announcement head over to our YouTube Channel!

Photo © zooom / Honza Zak 

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