Race finish FAQ

What happens after the first athlete gets to Monaco?

Christian Maurer (SUI1) hikes during the Red Bull X-Alps in in Barcelonnette, France on June 23, 2019.

Chrigel Maurer (SUI1)’s team mates said this morning that the plan for the day was ‘to reach Peille today, late afternoon or during the night.’

If he does, then he will have won the Red Bull X-Alps for an incredible sixth time. 

However, even after he has arrived in Peille the race doesn’t stop for the other pilots. 

To recap on some of the common questions:

Where is the finish, Peille or the landing float in Monaco?
The landing float in Roquebrune, Spiaggia Bianca is the official finish line – athletes must reach it – but the Turnpoint in Peille determines all rankings. The time stops at Peille. After that, the athlete can fly down to Monaco at their leisure.

When does the whole race stop?
The rule states: ‘The race finishes 24 hours after the first arrival time in Peille, but not before 12:00pm CEST on June 27, 2019 in case of an early finishing time.’ This means if Maurer gets to Peille this evening, the race will continue until midday on Thursday 

Do athletes at the back still face elimination?
Yes, this continues until the end of the race. The next elimination is at 6am on Tuesday 25 June. The athlete in last position will be eliminated. The next elimination after that will happen at 6am on Thursday June 27.

How are athletes rankings decided?
Athletes are judged according to the time it took them to reach Peille via all Turnpoints. Athletes with more correctly passed Turnpoints are ranked better. Athletes with the same number of Turnpoints passed are ranked according to their remaining straight-line distance from their final position to the goal, via all remaining Turnpoints. A final results table will be put together as soon as the race is over. 

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