Powertraveller is back for Red Bull X-Alps 2019

After 2015 and 2017, our long term partner Powertraveller is once again back to enable our athletes to stay connected when it counts.

© zooom / Harald Tauderer

It is the 3rd time manufacturer of portable charging solutions for mobile electronic devices Powertraveller is partnering up with Red Bull X-Alps and we couldn't be more proud.

Every adventure can quickly turn into a frustrating or even dangerous one when a device is low on battery. So, for more than fifteen years, Powertraveller has been designing, developing and manufacturing award-winning portable power and solar solutions that extend the usability of a wide range of electronics. This is why every Red Bull X-Alps 2019 athlete will be provided with equipment like back-up chargers and solar panels.

We’re proud to have a partner on board that understands and lives the passion for the world’s toughest adventure race such as we do. To another electrifying edition of Red Bull X-Alps!

Find out more about the partners of Red Bull X-Alps 2019 here.

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