POL-facebook-21052019 : Photos from Dominika Kasieczko X Alps / Żelazna Mucha Team's post

I was in Lendak in the morning today but the Wind was way too strong at that moment, so I went to Slavkovsky Peak. A good conditions for flying were in Stranik 150km away and congrats to guys who made great flights today. I made a good training with a New suunto9 which have for tests. I think we will make friends with this smarthwatch, navigation and personal computer in one device. I switched from an ancient kbut still good) T3. T9 calculates everything. Thank to Amersports Poland! And last but not least I met a friendly and hungry mountain goat (the winter was strong, i think goats are bit weak and hungry). I will go back to the Alps next week:)

#training #suunto #redbullxalps #execon #slovakia

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