Pinot pulls second Night Pass

FRA4 approaching the mediterranean as soon as possible

Maxime Pinot (FRA4) rests during the Red Bull X-Alps in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland  on June 20, 2019.

Maxime Pinot (FRA4) has pulled his second Night Pass. He is currently in the air, approaching Turnpoint 12 Cheval Blanc and 100km from the Finish in Monaco, but he is clearly intent on reaching the Mediterranean as soon as possible.

With Christian Maurer (SUI1) expected to reach goal shortly, the race finishes at noon on Thursday, and the athletes' last chance to fly to the beach from Peille, where their clocks stop, will be tomorrow between 7 and 9pm.

Maurer also used a Night Pass yesterday, so Maxime is following in his footsteps. He has already used one, but earned a second for finishing joint first in the Prologue race.

The Night Pass allows athletes to keep moving after the race pauses for the night at 10.30pm.

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