One week to go until Red Bull X-Alps 2019 with advanced 3D Live Tracking!

Athletes to arrive in Wagrain - Kleinarl getting ready for the Prologue and the Main Race

This weekend, 32 athletes from 20 nations will arrive at the basecamp in Wagrain - Kleinarl, Austria for final preparations for Red Bull X-Alps 2019. They will check routes and strategize with their supporters about how to be the fastest across the Alps and besides that, they’re trying to get as much sleep as possible, since Red Bull X-Alps nights are very short. The first indicator of the athletes’ performances will be the Prologue, taking place on June 13 in Wagrain. This will also mark the initial appearance of the advanced 3D Live Tracking including new features!

One of the most discussed topics amongst the athletes will be snow. After one of the heaviest winters on record most mountains will still be covered in snow and ice and will make the world’s toughest adventure race even more challenging.

To follow the athletes on every step of the race through the Alps make sure to check out the Live Tracking, which will be better than ever! One highlight will be the all new 3D function coming with stunning and innovative features, like improved maps, first person view and VR. You can literally sit in the cockpit experiencing the action from the athlete’s perspective. 
Live Tracking starts on June 13 at 10:00 am CEST with the Prologue and on June 16 11:30 am CEST for the Main Race. Watch the race unfold and live the adventure every day during the race on!

If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by in Wagrain - Kleinarl on June 13 to check out the new Audi e-tron and gear up with the latest products of Red Bull X-Alps 2019 in the Partner Village or in our Gear Store on And if you’re around Salzburg on June 16 either join the Race Start at Mozartplatz in Salzburg or Turnpoint 1 at Gaisberg.

Tune in to Facebook Live during the Prologue at 09:45 am CEST to follow the kick-off as it happens. There will also be a broadcast as the first athlete finishes, so keep an eye on our Facebook page.  

To meet the athletes and learn more about the race, head over to and - or follow the action live from June 13 on

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