One Athlete Pulls a Ledlenser Night Pass

Could this be a big tactical move in the last days of the race?

FRA3 170626 VL XAlps 51

Nelson de Freyman (FRA3) has pulled his Ledlenser Night Pass. He is the only athlete to do so.Nelson, who supported Antoine Girard (FRA1) in 2013, is currently in 12th position, 106km from Turnpoint 6, Matterhorn. 

The field here is relatively dispersed, but includes Sebastian Huber (GER1), Pal Takats (HUN), Nick Neynens (NZL) and Tobias Grossrubatscher (ITA2).

Nelson is 10km behind Pal, level with Nick and 22km ahead of Tobias. A podium place now seems impossible, but athletes in this part of the field will now be looking to reach Monaco before the race officially ends. Nelson, 25, has already covered 1,761km – and 440.6km on foot.

©zooom / Vitek Ludvik

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