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Exciting Sunday recipe for a mountain pilot. Use at your own risk.


1. Pick up a brand new wing, must be one you've never thermalled before.

2. Check the weather to admire massive storms over the Alps and ask @maitreludovic to find out that the closest flyable spot is on the north of France to fly south.

3. Drive 550km to fly on flatlands which you NEVER fly.

4. Sleep only two hours at night to be sure to make it slightly more interesting.

5. Launch your brand new wing for the very first time into a 35km/h wind 100m over tight vines to make sure you'll be motivated not to bomb out.

6. Bomb out anyway.

7. Do it again. Meanwhile the wind has picked up so you have some extra motivation to do it right.

8. Enjoy the views.

9. Every time you were stuck headwind for a long time, your instrument thought you landed... It made 5 separate tracklogs so you don't have to think too much about the distance. However, the world record it is NOT.

10. Land flying backwards, of course. It's flatlands, baby.


Supair Wild graciously took all you have thrown at it. Be grateful and go back to the mountains.

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