‘Let’s play!’

Kinga Masztalerz fights for her survival at the back

Kinga Masztalerz (NZL2) is in last place and fighting for her survival this afternoon. If she is to avoid being eliminated at 6am tomorrow she must pass the athlete in front.

Chikyong Ha (KOR) is just 6km ahead of Masztalerz – but he is on the ground and she is in the air.  

Before she launched this morning Masztalerz was upbeat and positive, although tired. 

‘I’m going to Davos,’ she said. ‘It’s a beautiful day, and it shouldn’t be too complicated to get there.’

Turnpoint 6 Davos is 483km from the start of the race, 655km from Monaco. It’s a long way behind the race leaders, but Masztalerz wasn’t thinking about that. 

‘I will get there!’ she said. ‘It might be complicated to land there in the middle of the day, but I will get there!’

Athletes must sign in at the signboard in Davos. Once there, she will face ‘a quick hike’ before flying again.

The weather was on the side of those at the back this morning, as most pilots from position 20 back enjoyed good conditions and good flying.

Masztalerz was quick to see the positive in her situation. ‘It’s a shame that things didn’t work well enough to allow me to get to Davos yesterday, but we do what we can. I mean, look around, it’s beautiful. Let’s play!’ and follow the action on Live Tracking

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