In the shadow of the axeman

Ha or Masztalerz? One of them will face elimination at 6am

Once again, Chikyong Ha (KOR) is running for his place in the Red Bull X-Alps 2019. He saw off Alex Villa (COL) last time the Axeman paid a visit to the race, but can he deal with King Masztalerz's (NZL2) late charge? The current statistics suggest not.

At 5pm, Ha had a 20km lead. But Masztalerz caught up with a flight and the two began aligning themselves on opposite sides of a valley for their last flights of the day. Ha won that skirmish and again gained a 3km lead.

But now the two are in the valley, running along the same road, Masztalerz appears to be gaining the upper hand. Ha has been struggling with foot problems, and Masztalerz has gained 2km in the last hour or so. The gap is now just a matter of metres.

Neither athlete has a Night Pass so both will have to stop moving at 10.30pm, when the race pauses for the night. They will then have another hour in the morning from 5am, before the Axeman makes his judgement at 6am. The athlete in last place at that time will be eliminated.

Follow the ultimate cat and mouse chase on Live Tracking.

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