Athletes consume up to 6,000 calories a day during the race. He's Gavin McClurg's daily diet: 'I eat whole, real food whenever I can. I find my stomach can’t handle food if I eat and immediately do a bunch of vertical, so my daily plan typically goes like this. I have coffee with MCT oil as soon as I’m out of bed, before heading out the door for the morning walk up to a sled ride launch. Then a protein shake with a ton of good stuff (avocado, banana, almond butter) when I can take a break, before a proper breakfast if there’s time. I also take something I can eat in the air for the big flight of the day. I then have a MASSIVE dinner, during which I eat as much as I possibly can, especially protein and fat. Carbs have their place, but in 2015 I lived on energy gels and my body couldn’t dump the swelling. Eating crap over a 12-day race will take its toll.'

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