How to use Live Tracking

Live Tracking is the best way to follow the race – here's what you need to know

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There are two ways you can watch the Red Bull X-Alps on Live Tracking: in 2D, looking down on the athletes in a map view. Or in 3D, where you can see the mountain terrain the athletes are racing through.

In both 2D and 3D you will find a Dashboard, where you can find information about the athlete rankings. In the Dashboard you will also find the latest Race News updates – bringing you expert commentary, photos and interviews from the race as it happens.

You’ll also find athlete information, including whether they are flying, hiking or resting, how far they have to go, and how fast they are travelling. Scroll down and you’ll discover athlete social media feed, plus statistics like how many kilometres they’ve hiked each day, or what their average speed is in the air. 

In 3D mode there are extra features – a small menu in the top right of the screen. Hit the Third Person View button and it’s like you’re right there, flying alongside the athlete. Or select First Person View for an amazing athlete point of view – see what they are seeing as they fly through the Alps.

Live Tracking works on desktops, laptops and of course smart phones – so there’s no reason not to stay up to date wherever you are whatever you’re doing.

A warning though – Live Tracking is very addictive!

Find all the features for the Live Tracking HERE!  

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