Getting the most out of live tracking

How to experience the race first hand on the Red Bull X-Alps website's Live Tracking

First stop is the pilot dashboard, where you’ll discover all sorts of information about the pilot you want to follow. The initial screen displays the leading five pilots – to see others you simply click ‘All’, which reveals the full field.

Pilots with a grey background are the ones displayed on the map. By default only the top three are shown, but you can make any pilot appear on the map simply by selecting them. The list of pilot names features icons and simple race data. Here you can see at a glance whether a pilot is hiking, flying or resting. You can also see how far they have left to go until the race end at Monaco.
Below the list of athletes you’ll see the Race News – this is a running update of information from and about the race. It features photos, quotes and links to important stories.

To dive deeper, click on an athlete to centre the live tracking on them, or follow them. This way you don’t have to keep moving the screen as the pilot moves. To find out more about each athlete click on them and their full profile will pop up. In there you can check out their social media feed and their statistics.

As well as athletes, you can get Turnpoint information from live tracking – just click on a Turnppint icon to reveal weather information from UBIMET as well as exact location data.

Even more information is available by clicking the small three-line menu icon at the top left of the map screen. This reveals a slide-out sidebar which allows you to filter the information by athlete, nation, route, turnpoint and track. 

Finally, you can choose to follow the race in 2D – like a map – or in 3D. In 3D the race really comes alive, as you can choose third-person view and fly alongside the athlete, or first-person view – and actually be in the cockpit and see what the athlete is seeing. 

3D is also the perfect place to get the best perspective on what lies ahead, and where the athletes have come from.

There are a number of keyboard and mouse shortcuts that you can use to help you navigate live tracking easily. For all these and more, take a look at the dedicated live tracking page at

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