FRA2 still hiking

Benoît Outters (FRA2)’s supporter Martin Beaujouan spoke to tarquin just now. He says, “It’s fine like always, he’s in a good mood he will walk to bottom of Schmittenhöhe. We expect to get there about 7 or 8pm. This morning it was a no take-off zone so it was not possible to fly. Later we found a small take-off. It was raining all around but Benoît managed to climb a little. Instead of single glide he made about 10km which was good for the legs and mood. Now he’s walking all the way. The meteo is not very good, if he tries to fly he will most likely just bomb out. But it’s fine. We hope to fly down from Schmittenhöhe between the rain. It would be a punishment to go down by walking”.

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