Day 5 weather forecast

Ubimet predict an early build-up of cloud, with possible isolated storms later

Participant flies during the Red Bull X-Alps preparations in Fanas, Switzerland on june 01, 2019

The Ubimet weather forecast for Day 5 of the Red Bull X-Alps says a weak cold front is approaching the Alps from the west. That means athletes will have to deal with unsettled conditions, with a moderate to high risk of showers and thunderstorms.

It’s sunny in western Austria and South Tyrol, with cloud in the French Alps and parts of Switzerland and Bavaria. 

They add: “Currently we have cloudy conditions in the French Alps and parts of Switzerland and Bavaria, while sunny conditions prevail in western Austria and South Tyrol. Local rain showers are affecting mainly the western Alps (Dauphiné Alps/Prealps, Savoy Prealps, Bernese Alps, Ticino).

“During forenoon clouds will prevail in the French Alps and large parts Switzerland and further showers and isolated thunderstorms will approach from west. Better thermal conditions are expected soon in western Austria and South Tyrol. 

“Towards noon sunny spells are possible also in the western Alps, however further cumulus clouds will build up very fast and during the second part of the day scattered showers and thunderstorms will affect large parts of the Alps. Especially in the regions with longer sunny spells also strong thunderstorms are possible.

Max. Temperatures
3000 m AMSL: 4°C
2000 m AMSL: 10°C (western and northern Alps) - 13°C (central and southern Alps)
1000 m AMSL: 19°C (western and northern Alps) - 21°C (central and southern Alps)
Zero degree level: 3300-3500 m

Wind conditions
3000 m AMSL: moderate, in the western Alps partly fresh SW-wind with gusts up to 50 kph
2000 m AMSL: mostly weak SW-wind, in the northern Alps of Switzerland partly moderate SW-wind with gusts up to 40 kph
1000 m AMSL: weak W-wind in the western Alps and Switzerland, diurnal mountain wind systems (valley breeze) in Austria and South Tyrol

Conditions for thermal lift
Weak, temporarily moderate thermal conditions.

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