Can Guschlbauer make it?

The Austrian has 45km to go.

It is going to be very, very, close for Paul Guschlbauer (AUT1) and he will need either a bit of luck or a Herculean effort to get to the final Turnpoint at Peille.

This evening he is on the Col de Tende, the Italian / French border, which he reached earlier this evening. He launched, but he was too late for thermic lift. He landed where he took off from again.

At 10pm he has less than six hours of race time left. From now until 10.30pm, and from 5.30am until 10.53am tomorrow. He is 45km from goal in a straight line.

If he has to run, then the odds of him making it are against him.

But if he gets a chance to fly early, to hike up, to fly again and make use of early morning lift to make some distance, then there is still a chance.

This is Paul Guschlbauer - he has been in tough situations before and pulled through. We are waiting to see what he does next. Whatever it is, we wish him luck.

Photos by © zooom / Honza Zak

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