Benoit’s colleagues out in force

Firemen wave the flag for their Red Bull X-Alps colleague

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Benoit Outters (FRA4) is not only a local boy, he's a local hero – and a member of the fire service in Nice in the south of France

Benoit’s colleagues have arrived at Turnpoint 13 in Peille above Monaco to support their guy. 

Lieutenant Vinay Gauthier, from Nice Bon Voyage station, told our race reporter: ‘Benoit is a very good fireman. He is very humble and helps others all the time.’

At the moment Benoit and Paul Guschlbauer (AUT1) already took off for the raft down in the bay. They have been hiking and flying together all day.

Lieutenant Gauthier added: ‘I’m sure he's helping the Austrian, as he knows the area so well. When you are a fireman it's important to have good endurance to resist long days and nights. But to do this race you must be a bit crazy.’

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