AUT3 and USA2 hit with time penalty

48 hours in the sin-bin

Two athletes have been hit with 48-hour time penalties after airspace violations near Sion in Switzerland.

The Race Committee issued an official statement this evening at 8pm local time. It reads in full:

‘Helmut Schrempf (AUT3) and Willi Cannell (USA2) have both made an airspace violation close to Sion. This is a violation of rule 5.4. 

‘The race committee has decided to penalise Schrempf and Cannell with a 48-hour time penalty, which needs to be added to their rest periods on Thursday 27th June at 5am. 

‘Since the race will officially end at noon on Thursday 27th June, the athletes will be ranked back by the remaining time of 41 hours. This position will define their final rankings.’

The ruling means the athletes will see their tracklogs wound back by 41 hours from 5am tomorrow, and this will determine their final position in the Red Bull X-Alps 2019.

Schrempf is currently in 24th position. Cannell is in 21st.

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