Red Bull X-Alps

What lies ahead

The race is on for the finish – for everyone

© / Felix Woelk

Today the race leader, Chrigel Maurer (SUI1), will likely reach the finish line in Peille. In these critical moments, he, currently second place Paul Guschlbauer (AUT1), and third placed Sebastian Huber (GER3) will likely all play their Led Lenser Night Passes. 

Notwithstanding Maurer's advantage, all three athletes will accelerate their full-throttle race to Peille and Monaco. Warning: like the excitement of 2013, the final podium results might not be known until the early hours of the morning.

The strength of will of the chasing pack should not be underestimated. Girard (FRA2), Durogati (ITA), Petiot (FRA4) and their teams are all investing more than they ever believed possible into this race. Meanwhile McClurg (USA2) and Ferdi van Schelven (NED) are hot on their heels.

All of these teams now face a new race: the race to get to Monaco before the clock stops.

Race rule 4 states:Race finish: A team is seen as having completed the race as soon as the Athlete has reached the landing float in Monaco. The race then lasts another 48 hours, or at least up until 12:00 local time on July 17, 2015 in case of an early finishing time.

That means the race lasts until midday on Friday.

For some that will mean a race to Peille or a race to win a coveted Top 10 spot. For others it will simply be to hang in there and keep going.

But all athletes will now face their own personal race against time. They all want to earn the privilege of completing their adventure – travelling across the Alps, from glacier to sea, to land on the blue, red, and yellow raft floating in the Mediterranean in Monaco.